Towing and transport of all kinds from one car up to ten cars Light and heavy duty truck towing, recovery, & repairs. Low bed services for all types of earthmoving equipment State of the art 60,000sq ft collision center for autos & trucks
A full line of the latest equipment on the market. Includes self loaders, flatbeds, large and small road service trucks and emergency response units Our emergency response units include medium and heavy duty hydraulic with underneath reach.
Sterry Street Towing 24 hour Dispatch System
Sterry Street 24 hour Dispatch allows you to outsource the management of your fleet's breakdown calls in the Southern New England area. Sterry Street 24 hour Dispatch Center is ready for your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we can handle any type of situation.

Sterry Street Dispatch service can be tailored to meet your needs to handle breakdown calls:

Completely - all calls come to Sterry Street for assistance
Regional - for drivers that are out of your area/region where you don't have any vendors
Off hours - when your business is closed or you are not available
Owner Operators - drivers that work for you use the 800# to help ensure your deliveries are on time
This service gives you the advantage of Sterry Street experience and reputation in the towing and repair industry.
One Call to Sterry Street Dispatch Center can help you:

Minimize downtime - local mobile service and towing gets to your driver quickly
Reduce Costs - no mark-up, just a charge per call cost
Fast Service - once we receive your call on our 800 number, we locate and dispatch the nearest truck to the vehicle
Eliminate the hassles and headaches of handling breakdown calls and coordinating service
Sterry Street Dispatch will help ensure your drivers get prompt service. And when the job is completed, we report back to you with the outcome. So don't worry the next time one of your vehicles break down far from your terminal. Just call Sterry Street Dispatch and you won't be at the mercy of a tower that you don't know - so you won't wait too long or pay too much for service. One call to Sterry Street does it all, freeing up your valuable time.
Contact Us today to learn how we can customize a service plan for your company.
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